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Get Your Customer Engaged

Its more than just a Loyalty Program. Get your new and existing customers engaged in activities on your business. Rewards and Our Loyalty Mobile Web Apps are a proven way to get more and new customers by simply rewarding your customer’s loyalty.


Help businesses grow loyal customers and automatically bring them back


We will set up a kiosk at your business & set up the loyalty program for your customers. Once your customer enters their information, they will get a text message to opt-in for the loyalty program.

The beautiful thing about this  program is it’s built around your business; 100% custom brand.


After the Kiosk has been installed, create awareness to your customers both old and new about your Loyalty program.

Once your customers are signed up to your program, you’ll be able to send messages or promotions and increase sales in those quiet times.

Automated Birthday Text

Send your customers birthday message on their special day and give the rewards or offer that drives them to your business.

Auto Pilot Special Events

Create autopilot text offers that get sent to customers on pre-determined times. Our AutoPilot feature automatically sends your customers a text message or email with special offers that bring them back 10x more effectively than other marketing tools.

Auto Pilot Retention

We also have our auto pilot program that keeps track of when the customer last visited. We then can send out special offers to those customers who haven’t visited in 30 days or longer.


We also can build their social media buy sending out messages with their social media account links. This way we grow your Facebook followers and online reviews automatically with with social and review integrations.

Customers will love their custom promotions and your results will show it

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